■ ART GOES HEILIGENDAMM - PROGRAM in progress...changes might be made in progress
We like to react on current situation and events.

Restaurant & Bar at Silver Pearl
11am - 9pm Videohall
from 6 pm artist talks / film (ab 29. Mai)
from 10 pm Uhr Harvest / Ernte des Tages (ab 1. Juni)

St. Marienkirche:
Performance Stan´s Café (ab 30. Mai)

If not mentioned everything will take place in the Kurhaus of the SILVER PEARL, Am Strande 6 in 18055 Rostock.

Thursday, Mai 24th
19:30 Vernissage

Friday May 25th
12 to 12 OPEN ART
at the locations Videohalle, Kurhaus restaurant and bar

Saturday May 26th
12 to 12 OPEN ART
Videohalle, Kurhaus restaurant and bar

Sunday May 27th
12 to 12 OPEN ART
Videohalle, Kurhaus restaurant and bar

Monday May 28th
12 to 12 OPEN ART
Videohalle, Kurhaus restaurant and bar

Tuesday May 29th
20:00 Stan's Café will introduce themselves - Introduction

Wednesday May 30th
20:00 Discussion with the University of Rostock (planned)

Thursday Mai 31st

20:00 World Parliament of Clowns
The C 8 summit
featuring Global Marshall Plan Initiative.

Bestowal of the clown's immunity to the participants of the G 8 summit

Show-Talk with:
Stiftung Nord-Süd Brücken / Andrea Krönert (Mitglied des Vorstandes)
Global Marshall Plan Initiative / Prof. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher
The Club of Budapest Worldshift Network / N.N.
Die Grauen – Graue Panther / Norbert Räder (Vors. GP Berlin)
Special Guest

Quotes of the Clown d’Honneur & Member of World Parliament of Clowns
U.a.: Desmond Tutu, David Larible, Ervin Laszlo, Heinrich Benedikt, Clown PIC,
H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Patch Adams u.v.a.
(per Video oder zitierte Statements)

Show of Antoschka, Clown & Founder of World Parliament of Clowns
(f.e. with the song ‘Schwarz oder Weiss’)

Friday, June 1st

16:00 Worldparliament of Clowns
Show, Talk and Statements

20:00 World Premmier
summit music, Christian von Borries

21:00 6. Poetry Slam of the Literaturhaus Rostock at the
live coverage to the Kurhaus at SILVER PEARL

Saturday June 2nd
KEIN TV production day, Screenings & Interviews

22:00 Beatz and text from Berlin

23:00 Ersatz-ErsatzVerkehr
Andreas Liebmann / Lajos Talamonti
Transfer Rostock-Berlin-Rostock
from Silver Pearl to sophiensaäle - and back

24:00 Conexión Musical (II)

Sonday Juni 3rd
20:00 Discussion / Screening: Pirate Cinema
Pirate Cinema shows moving pictures

Moday, June 4th
18:00 The philosopher and ecomonist Rudolf zur Lippe will talk about art
and economy

20:00 KEIN TV Discussion/Talk
global freedom of movement against global apartheid with Solange Kone, CADTM (alliance against debt),Elfenbeinküste; Maksym Butkevich; Noborder Kiew, Ukraine; Valery Alzaga; global SEIU (union), USA/Mexico; Lawrence Liang, Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore, Indien; Sunny Omwenyeke, The Voice Africa Forum, Nigeria/Deutschland

Tuesday June 5th
Al Kasaba theatre & cinematheque from Ramallah
Stories Under Occupation

21:00 World Premier
die Grenze: die Entfernung: der Unterschied
a Live-radio play about the writer Uwe Johnsons Roman
"Das dritte Buch über Achim"
from Dietmar Mues, sonorfeo and Dieter Glawischnig
Dietmar Mues - voice
Matthias Nahmmacher - flutes
Ulrike Nahmmacher - violine
Dieter Glawischnig - piano

Wednesday June 6th
18:00 Andreas Liebmann, Jan van Loh
Docu-concert with Cello

20:00 Duo Ivoire
Hans Lüdemann (D) und Aly Keita (Elfenbeinküste)
Konzert für Flügel und Balaphon

Donnerstag, 7. Juni
20:00 Uhr IM VOLKSTHEATER ROSTOCK, Theater im Stadthafen
Improtheater, improvisation theatre
Die Gorillas, La Gata, The Crumbs

22:00 KEIN TV film open air
african cinema
"the love of cinema also means knowing what to do with
images that are really missing..." (serge daney)
moving pictures in black and white and coloured,
from Dakar, Johannesburg, Kinshasa, Paris, Yaoundé,
N'Djamena, Lagos, Port-au-Prince

Friday June 7th


20:00 Improtheater
Die Gorillas, La Gata, The Crumbs

Saturday June 9th